Give me just 10 minutes each week and I’ll show you how to create content that truly connects with your audience

Get 5 social media content ideas every Thursday morning, including what’s working right now, templates, and new examples so you can build better relationships with your readers… for just $0.20 per breakdown.

“Going through the Magnetic Content Masterclass has become a weekly ritual. Every time, I can create at least 3 new content pieces on the spot.”

For the past 6 months, I’ve searched LinkedIn and X for great writing and written a weekly report sharing what I've found.I do this selfishly.Why?Because the fastest way to learn the secrets behind great content is through analysis. And the easiest way to create it is to steal the big ideas and apply your unique lens.It’s a method I’ve followed for years, and now over 260 people subscribe to what I send.But before I tell you more, I must say this:This masterclass is not for you if you only care about going viral.Because nine times out of ten, viral means generic. I’m not interested in that crap and neither should you be.Instead, our focus is on making a real impression, not number of impressions. Creating fans, not chasing followers.So I personally handpick and deconstruct 5 posts based on one metric:

How powerful they are at creating emotion

It could be curiosity or excitement. Or making people feel seen and heard. Or stories that and motivate and inspire. Or ideas that make people smile, laugh, and cry.Often, it’s just content that’s just so damn useful you’d be mad not to study it so you can do the same for your audience.Because your success as a writer and entrepreneur is based entirely on making your reader feel something.And sure, some of the posts I share are mega-viral.But for the right reasons.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, let me tell you how it works.

Sneak peek

Every Thursday morning you'll get a breakdown of 5 social media posts.This includes 3 shorter-form ideas and two long form ideas.In each, I deconstruct a post I’ve enjoyed. I pick from various niches and explain why they work so you grasp the copywriting and psychological principles behind great writing.You then get a template, plus a new example from a random niche to show you the advice in action.This means not only is the masterclass remarkably simple for you to ‘plug and play’, you become a smarter writer each week, too.What’s more, I send a video version of the masterclass if you prefer to watch instead of read.Here’s a video showing you around:

If I do my job right — which I take seriously — you should find it much easier to think of and write great ideas for social media.This means less writing time, faster growth, and better audience engagement.But most importantly, it will help you with a metric you can’t measure:Your reputation.Because the point of writing is to create trust at scale, and it’s what I love to teach.Here are just a few kind words from current subscribers:

“It's ridiculously cheap for the value you provide.”

I spend hours each week writing this report.It’s not an afterthought where I whip up a couple of templates, but a process of selecting, explaining, and rewriting posts so you can get maximum value from what I send.Again, part of this is selfish.I want you to think investing in me is an absolute no brainer and that this subscription is one of your most valuable. This way, I build my reputation too, so it's a nice win—win.That’s why I’ve made this masterclass an absolute steal.You can join today and get started on the material immediately for just $19.70 per month.There're also three bonuses included in your investment.Let me run you through them.

BONUS 1: The Magnetic Writing Roadmap

Most subscribers to the Masterclass come from High Impact Writing. But you don’t need my core course if you want to get started with something simpler. This is a crash course on magnetic content:You’ll learn:

  • The secret behind making your content irresistible... in any niche, at any level of expertise, with any audience size

  • How to understand your reader on a deep emotional level with the One True Fan framework

  • How to use the Success Story principle to pull your readers into your world

  • Three powerful questions that guarantee you endless and irresistible content ideas

  • The simple mistake people make when they try to give advice on social media (and what you need to do instead)

  • How to make your content ooze with personality... even if you think you're boring!

  • The '5 for 5 against' technique for positioning yourself against the crowd and competition

  • How to take a ‘values-first’ approach to building a great bond with your audience

  • The two types of social media storytelling techniques (you'll see why you DON'T need to be a great storyteller to enjoy the benefits of stories)

  • The MOST powerful 'branding hack' I know... so simple that it almost feels like cheating

BONUS 2: The ENTIRE Masterclass backlog

Yep. You read that right. When you sign up, you’ll also get access to every single past edition of the masterclass.As of this writing, that’s 22 editions — or 110 ideas. That’s your next 3 months of content sorted. And because you can tap into the concepts on repeat, probably more inspiration than you’ll ever need.*Please note: access is available for active subscribers. You’ll be emailed the masterclass weekly too, so if you unsubscribe, you get to keep what you pay for. But to be fair to current subscribers, you will be removed from this membership area if you stop paying. You’re always welcome to resubscribe in the future.

BONUS 3: Monthly Office Hours

Every month, I hold a popular live call where you can submit your content for critique.I show you what you’re missing and how you can write more engagingly. Plus if you have questions about writing or online business, I’m happy to hang around and chat.Clients say these calls alone are worth way more than the subscription price. And if I’m honest, considering my individual calls are now $1,000/hour, I’m inclined to agree. But I love catching up with the group, and hopefully you'll enjoy it too!

One of the safest investments in your writing skills

Hopefully, you can see how this masterclass is great for your writing journey.But if you’re still unsure, I offer a 4-week guarantee, too.Try it out, and if for any unlikely reason you think I haven’t blow your expectations away, let me know, and I’ll send your money back — no questions asked.But considering only one person has taken me up on a refund, and that’s because they had to stop writing the next week, I have no doubt you’ll be pleased too.

Got Questions? I got answers

Does this work in any niche?

I’ve coached people across a wide range of industries. Fitness, finance, spirituality, entrepreneurship, copywriting, storytelling, project management, dentistry and more. Writing is writing. You will benefit from explaining your ideas well, regardless of niche. The posts I break down aren’t just my own, but sources from a wide range of people.

Do I need a good understanding of writing for this to work?

No. I take pride in explaining things clearly and simply. Plus the Magnetic Roadmap will help you out.

I’m not a beginner writer, is this appropriate for my level?

This is appropriate for anyone creating social media content who wants to write better posts in less time. I use it each week to write my own stuff, too.

Will this help me with any social media channel?

Yes. Most of my examples come from 𝕏, but the principles apply to any platform where you share your ideas. I avoid sharing content that isn’t platform universal.

What about if I’m building a blog or sending emails?

There’re no blogs or email ideas because I’m still figuring this out myself. But it will help you create content your audience loves. This means you gather data much faster and you can turn those ideas into emails.

Are the live calls recorded?

Yep — and emailed over to you the next morning.

Can I get started immediately?

100%. You have immediate access to the private membership area with the backlog and bonus course. I’ll be in touch on Thursday for the newest edition.

Can I cancel my subscription at any point?

Absolutely. Just email [email protected] and we’ll cancel your payment and remove you from the membership area. No questions asked.

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