How to create great content in 2024 with a brand new masterclass

Give me 10 minutes each week and I'll help you share ideas your audience loves to read... even if you're not an expert writer!

Dear friend,If you're a creator, entrepreneur, or thought leader growing your brand and business by writing online, I'd love to invite you to join over 150 people enjoying my Magnetic Content Masterclass.All you need is just 10 minutes per week and a social media account.Let me explain the details.

Jasper Polak

Project Management Consultant

"I recently launched my online business and hired Kieran for writing coaching to help launch my first product. His advice has helped massively and led to a 5 figure launch. When it comes to writing, he knows his stuff. Importantly, he can teach it too. I got early access to his masterclass and I've already seen an improvement in my social media content. Would definitely recommend."

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"I got early access to the masterclass. It is profoundly helpful. Kieran understands how to apply copywriting to the content world like no one else. Would recommend taking advantage of this."

The current social media problem

You've probably noticed growing a following is harder than it used to be.Engagement has been slashed in half, growth has ground to a halt, and your feed is likely filled with boring content that you know you can outperform.What’s going on here?Some will shake their fists at the algorithms, but really, you’re seeing the symptoms of saturation.Everyone has realised attention is the new oil and wants to cash in. Unfortunately, this makes it harder for you to be heard.Consider YouTube.Did you know that a staggering 500 hours of content is now uploaded every minute? That’s 30,000 hours every hour! LinkedIn, 𝕏, and Instagram have reported more users each year, too.This rising sea of competition means you can't afford to compete with the crowd by joining them.

Youtube's growth is a clear example of increasing competition

How to attract an audience the right way

Now for the good news.As the supply of superficial content skyrockets, the demand for quality content does too.People aren't interested in more fast food for the brain. They want content that makes them think and feel.You're already seeing top creators embracing this shift. For example, Justin Welsh said this recently when discussing surface level ideas:

He speaks about authenticity, but that’s just a small part of what your reader wants.The secret to attracting an engaged audience is to prioritise these three areas:

  1. Educating with actionable advice

  2. Entertaining with an interesting point of view

  3. Inspiring with personal stories

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a pro writer or niche expert to nail these 3 pillars.Instead, you just need simple and repeatable ways to package your ideas so that they resonate and slice through the noise.Which is where I’d like to help.

Announcing:The Magnetic Content Masterclass

Sneak peek

Every Thursday, you're emailed a breakdown of 5 great social media posts.Consider it like ‘swiping’ on steroids.Here's how it works:

Sneak peek

You just need to follow these 5 steps each week and you'll write great content without worrying about writer's block or poor engagement.The masterclass is in video and written format — whichever you prefer — and as concise as possible so you can get writing, fast.

Here's a quick video showing you inside:

You get three short-form content ideas and two longer-form, covering:

  1. How to give short and snappy actionable advice so that you build your authority without boring your readers to death

  2. How to present your personality in punchy, powerful statements that repel haters, attract fans, and catapult you to popularity

  3. How to write magnetic short-form stories that build a great bond with your reader (and prove you’re worth paying attention to long term)

  4. How to use long form content to rapidly grow your account (yes, this is still possible in today’s arena… if you nail your hooks — which I have no doubt you will)

  5. How to create long form content that accelerates your authority and positions you as the go-to in your niche

Plus, I’ll share tips and tricks that I use every week for my own writing, so your content really stands out from the crowd.For the price, you won’t get a better deal (I guarantee it). You’ll see in just a moment.But if you join today, the masterclass isn’t all you get.Members are also invited to:

An exclusive monthly live webinar

In this webinar, I'll critique content live, discuss tactics and strategies, and hold a Q&A at the end so you can get answers to your burning questions, too.I usually charge $1,000 for a consulting call, so these webinars are incredibly high-value (and a great way to meet other people on a similar journey).The reason I’m holding these calls is that I want to reach more people instead of just coaching a select few.I believe everyone should write online and it’s my personal mission to help you make an impact with your ideas.You might be wondering if my advice will help you, so here're a few words from some of my clients and current members of the masterclass:


"Kieran's coaching changed my life"

When I met Parker, he was an electrician with no audience, niche, or offer. He had invested in cohorts and coaching but was left disappointed. After working together, he grew his audience to over 40,000 followers, launched a product, and just sold out the first round of his new community.


"The only guy I ask for writing advice"

Simmo and I met in a group coaching program run by one of the most popular creators in our space. He invested in coaching with me after to help him instead. In our time together, he quit his corporate sales career, launched an offer, had several seriously viral posts, and now runs a successful coaching business in a niche he’s passionate about.


"My only regret is not speaking to him sooner"

Jarrod’s the CEO of a $14 million/year bakery. He’d been writing online for a year but had less than 1,000 followers to show for it. After six months of writing coaching, he now has 24,000 followers and is becoming a popular voice in the entrepreneurial space.


"I learned more about copywriting, storytelling, and connecting with my audience in those few months than I did in my first few years"

Takezo had been creating content for years but not quite connecting with his audience. He’s now released two products and sends almost daily emails using my writing principles.

Secure your spot today

I have no doubt that this masterclass is worth a minimum of $100/month.People still underestimate the power of social media content to scale your brand and business (good news for you and me).First impressions count, and the journey from stranger, to follower, to fan begins with how well you can share your thoughts on your platform(s) of choice.But I want to make this a no brainer for you.The only similar offer I could find was a newsletter teaching you how to mindlessly copy-paste ChatGPT prompts — and they charge multiple hundreds of dollars per year!Instead, this masterclass will show you how to write so that you won't need to rely on tools and prompts to create great content.For everything I’ve mentioned, plus a bonus course explained below, you can get access to the masterclass for just:


That’s less than 1 dollar per idea.Considering the masterclass is a consistent weekly service, the value quickly becomes staggering.In 6 months, you’ll have over 120 ideas and 6 webinars for just $118. These ideas can be re-used constantly from different angles too.But please note.There is no access to the backlog of break downs for new customers. The people who join 6 months after you will have 6 months less content. This gives you an advantage for acting now, and the price is locked in for life.To get started, all you need to do is click the button below and fill out your details.After, you’ll receive an email giving you immediate access to the private membership area where the masterclass material is held.

But that's not all

Buy today and you’ll also get immediate access to a course breaking down Magnetic Writing, entirely free:

The Magnetic Writing Roadmap

Value: $199

The masterclass shows you how to write. This roadmap will explain what to write.You’ll learn:

  • The secret behind making your content irresistible... in any niche, at any level of expertise

  • How to understand your reader on a deep emotional level with the One True Fan framework

  • How to use the Success Story Framework to give actionable advice that PULLS your reader toward their dream (and gives you the premium position in their mind!)

  • Three powerful questions that guarantee you endless and irresistible content ideas

  • The simple mistake people make when they try to give advice on social media (and what you need to do instead)

  • How to make your content ooze with personality... even if you think you're boring!

  • How to position yourself as an interesting voice in your niche with the '5 for 5 against' technique

  • How to use habits and core values to shortcut a strong bond with your reader

  • The two types of social media storytelling techniques (you'll see why you DON'T need to be a great storyteller to enjoy the benefits of stories)

  • Why social media content is just like sales... and what this means you MUST include every week (this is the biggest mistake I see)

  • How to write micro-stories that your audience loves to read in as little as 30 seconds

  • The MOST powerful 'branding hack' I know... so simple that it almost feels like cheating

  • 4 questions that summarise how to win the content game for 2024 and beyond

One of the safest investments in your writing skills

I have no doubts this masterclass is one of the best investments if you write online.But I also know there are a lot of creators who can sing a good song about their products yet deliver trash. So here’s my request:Try me.

If you don’t think the masterclass is:

  • Simple, insightful, and easy to read

  • Packed with useful advice

  • Immediately applicable to your content

And in the highly unlikely event what I send you doesn’t get your writing juices flowing and cause an instant improvement in your engagement, let me know before the 4th week of the masterclass (28 days) and I’ll refund your payment.No questions asked.(Only one person has requested a refund so far and this is because they stopped creating content. Hopefully this shows you the value.)

Why listen to me?

I'll wrap this up by being honest:I'm not an expert entrepreneur, writer, or copywriter.But I am obsessed with creating emotion-driven, personality-based content that's unique and useful.This is the secret to creating fans. And since I quit dentistry, it's all I've cared about.I'd like to think you'll find my tips some of the most refreshing and effective writing advice out there.You might listen to me because I’ve managed to attract one of the most engaged audiences in our space and make over $600,000 through content alone (without a single sales DM sent).Or because I've coached many entrepreneurs and creators to improve how they write to their audience.I know my methods work because my clients and I use them every day.And I'd love to help you, too.So if this sounds like your cup of tea, please click the button below to join 150+ people already inside.Cheers,


Does this work in any niche?

I’ve coached people across a wide range of industries. Fitness, finance, spirituality, entrepreneurship, copywriting, storytelling, project management, dentistry and more. Writing is writing. You will benefit from explaining your ideas well, regardless of niche. The posts I break down aren’t just my own, but sources from a wide range of people.

Do I need a good understanding of writing for this to work?

No. I’ve helped complete beginner writers shave years off their writing progress. You’ll see that I explain things very clearly and simply because I know how overwhelming the start of writing online can be (these ideas have helped me go from zero to 200k+ in 3 years so I promise they work!).

I’m not a beginner writer, is this appropriate for my level?

Unless you’ve mastered social media content, you’ll find this immensely helpful. Selfishly, I use the masterclass each week for my own stuff. If it works for me, it’ll work for you.

Will this help me with any social media channel?

Yes. While I’ll use 𝕏 for examples, the principles apply to any platform where you share your ideas. I make sure that I don’t share content that isn’t platform universal.

What about if I’m building a blog or sending emails?

There’re no blogs or email ideas because I don’t teach what I haven’t nailed. But it will help you create content your audience loves. This means you gather data much faster and you can turn those ideas into emails. Plus, if you can write on social media, you’ll find the longer stuff much easier down the line.

Can I cancel my subscription at any point?

Absolutely. Just email [email protected] and we’ll cancel your payment and remove you from the membership area. No questions asked.

Will the live training be recorded?

Yep — and emailed over to you the next morning. But the recordings are only available for those who join before the call.

Can I get started immediately?

The content is held in a private membership area that has the Magnetic Roadmap available immediately. This course has exercises you can complete before you start with the 5 content breakdowns.The masterclass then arrives each Thursday to your inbox.

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